Top Watches Brand 2020

Top Watches Brand 2020

Watches have remained an essential part of Fashion in every era. Top Watches Brand 2020 is available here. Watches add more glow in your personality as some kind of dressings requires watches as these are an essential part of our dressing. Different brands are currently providing watches to people with totally different as well as luxury look so here we have shared some brands whose watches are well known for their quality as well as elegance. A brief discussion regarding these brands is as follows:


In 1885, the brothers released their first mass-produced caliber, the Labrador, and in 1892, they developed the primary minute-repeating timepiece. Only two years later, they launched the 19-line Omega Caliber, which sent ripples throughout the watchmaking industry and would soon give the corporate its name. In 1905, Omega took on a task because the official timekeeper at sporting events throughout Switzerland, and in 1932, it acquired one among its most significant timekeeping partnerships—the company earned its title because of the official timekeeper for the Olympic Games in l. a. , California. The partnership continues to the present day, having served because of the official timekeeper for over twenty Olympic Games.




 Rolex, in full Montres Rolex SA, also called (1905–15) Wilsdorf & Davis Ltd. and (1915–20) Rolex Watch Co. Ltd., the Swiss manufacturer of rugged but luxurious watches. The company headquarters are in Geneva. Founder Hans Wilsdorf was born in Germany but moved to Switzerland when he was a young man. There he found work at a watch-exporting company in La Chaux-de-Fonds, one of the centers of the Swiss horological industry. He then moved to London, wherein 1905 he and a brother-in-law, Alfred Davis, established Wilsdorf & Davis Ltd. to assemble and market watches using works imported from Switzerland.


Tag Heuer:

Does TAG stand for “Techniques d’Avant Garde”? Founded under the name of Uhrenmanufaktur Heuer AG in 1860 by Edouard Heuer in St. Imier, Switzerland, purchased by the TAG Group in 1985, and in 1999 by the French luxury conglomerate LVMH, TAG Heuer remains firmly connected to its Swiss roots, with a head office and manufacture in La Chaux-de-Fonds. Known for their prestige sporty look, stainless steel bracelet watches, and chronograph models, TAG Heuer Watches continue to be among the most ‘avant-garde’ in the world, having recently introduced the TAG Heuer Connected Modular 45. Last year, the brand celebrated the 100th anniversary of the TAG Heuer Carrera Mikrograph invented by Heuer in 1916 — an automatic chronograph movement accurate to 1/100th of a second with 11 patents. Sporty with stainless steel bracelets and cases, the brand also offers a variety of leather straps for its Aquaracer, Carrera, and Monaco models. The famous TAG Heuer ‘Link’ bracelet is a line of its own. TAG Heuer women’s models feature beautiful mother of pearl dials, and models for both men and women are equipped with automatic movements and Swiss quartz movements.

Tag Heuer


The forerunner to what we now know as The Citizen Watch Co. Ltd. began life in 1918 under the name Shokosha Watch Research Institute. Buoyed on by an ambitious Mayor who demanded that the Shokosha-Watch Institute should have a bearing on all citizens, in so far as “people appreciated and benefited from the institute’s results”. Prophetic words indeed – from this statement, the seeds were sown that would help produce the world’s largest watch manufacturer. In 1924, the first pocket watch to bear the Citizen moniker was produced. One of these first products produced by the company was purchased by Emperor Showa, Prince Regent at the time (Emperor Taisho era). It is included in Top Watches Brand 2020.



1923 The name Bulova Watch Company, Inc. is adopted. Bulova perfects a new concept in the watch industry with a total standardization of parts. Every part of a Bulova watch is made with such precision (standardized to the ten-thousandth part of an inch) that it is interchangeable with the same part in any other Bulova watch. This revolutionizes the servicing of watches in the industry. 1924 Bulova unveils the first full line of ladies’ watches, including diamond-accented pieces. 1926 Bulova produces the nation’s first-ever radio spot commercial, “At the tone, its 8 PM, B-U-L-O-V-A Bulova watch time.” 1927 In honor of Charles Lindbergh’s transatlantic solo flight from New York to Paris, Bulova ships 5,000 Lone Eagle watches, packaged with pictures of Lindbergh. The supply is sold out within three days. During the next few years, Bulova sells nearly 50,000 of these commemorative watches.



The concern is known today as Officine Panerai was established in Florence in 1860 –one year before the formation of the modern Italian state. At the time, its founder, Giovanni Panerai, established an office combining the functions of a watchmaking school, a repair workshop, and a sales showroom. Eventually assuming the name Orologeria Svizzera, the company soon became an influential point of sale for Swiss watches.


The late nineteenth century saw Panerai enter a transitional period under Giovanni and his son, Leon Francesco. Father and son worked with recognized watch industry leaders from the Swiss horology heartland to establish supplier ties that became the basis for the Italian firm’s sales growth and eventual watch production model. Movements, cases, specialized parts, and entire watches traveled from Swiss specialists to Panerai’s offices as needed. This was all about Top Watches Brand 2020.

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