Here we will tell you about Top Menswear Brands in Pakistan. Our clothing is what we use to represent ourselves to the world, it lets everyone know about our taste, mood, personality, and profession. In some cases, our clothes express our happiness or sadness, either we are edgy or trendy. Most of the above a decent give a little bit of confidence. A ripped jeans and button-down shirt gives off a classy sense of style but in a relaxed way. Shorts with athletic joggers or sneaker gives an athlete look which presents how fit you are. Exactly, in the same way, a nicely pressed tailored suit, with contrast tie, an exquisite pair of moccasins and branded watch will show how bold and professional you are. The perfect style of clothes has everything to do with finding the right clothing brand for yourself that matches your taste. Actually, in the female fashion industry, you can take anything and turn it into fashion but in men fashion industry, you can’t start a new trend with the thought of your mind, so when it comes to men’s clothing, designers stay restricted as well as formulated because in Pakistan menswear are designed very sophisticatedly with a little touch of cultural and regional designs. 


Deepak Parwani is Pakistan’s most renowned menswear brand named after famous fashion designer “DEEPAK PARWANI”, he belongs to the Hindu-Sindhi community of Pakistan. Deepak Parwani’s brand has achieved various milestones in the short span of his career.


He has received a Lux style award for best menswear designer, which is quite a big achievement. Deepak Parwani deals in casual kurtas, waistcoats, suits/jackets, and sherwanis. His menswear collection is available in Deepak Parwani outlets and famous clothing brand’s studios.


This reputable Pakistani brand was launched back in the 1990s and it is still industry till now. It is very famous for menswear. Amir Adnan is recognized globally and renowned in the elite class of Pakistan.


It is Pakistan’s first-ever menswear brand with an international label. Amir Adnan claimed to modernized the traditional sherwani culture of Pakistan.

3: J. (Junaid Jamshed):

J. named after famous Pakistan personality Junaid Jamshed. It was launched in the early 2000s by Junaid Jamshed. It was solely launched for menswear but then in the coming years, they adopted women collection too, and nowadays J. deals in menswear, women’s wear, fragrances, makeup accessories (Halal cosmetics line), and various other items.

J. (Junaid Jamshed)

It also deals in wedding dresses for men like sherwani and designer kurtas. Though J. is quite expensive but they usually launch sales on a seasonal and yearly basis which makes it approachable for the middle-class community.


Stoneage started in the year 2005 and it managed to make a huge name in men’s fashion attire. Stoneage deals in casual clothing for men and boys and they very successful with their collection because people were in dire need of local casual clothing brands that could deal with western clothes too.


They are a bit different from other brands mentioned above apart from kurta shalwar or traditional clothing stoneage offers a wide range of western designs of jeans, shirts, and tees which makes it trendy among the youth of Pakistan.


Outfitters is one of the famous and reputable brand of Pakistan. It started with streetwear casual clothing like jeans, pants, jackets, shirts, T-shirts. It offers such designs that are a perfect blend of eastern and western trends.


There was a time when Pakistani people were a bit skeptical about western clothing and western designs, but that has changed, and the credit goes to brands like Outfitters who have worked day and night to provide the Pakistani consumers with western clothing that has traditional touches. This was all about Top Menswear Brands in Pakistan.

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