Top 5 Fashion Designers in Pakistan

Fashion Designers are integral part of glamour industry of any country and plays a vital role in fashion trends.

Top 5 Fashion Designers in Pakistan list apotheosis the brilliant fashion designers of Pakistan which is well known for its fashion trends.

Fashion is a depiction of one’s body, mind and soul because it totally changes once appearance overall including body posture and clothing and grooming, it is a life style one can adopt by having a good fashion sense. Undoubtedly, we can state that Pakistan has fastest growing and most talented fashion industry around the world. These fashion giants are serving all over the world and changing lifestyles of millions. We have shortlisted Top 10 fashion designers in Pakistan, their complete bio and fashion career.

Hassan Shahryar Yassin (H.S.Y):

Hassan Shahryar Yassin is Pakistan’s renowned fashion designer and famous all around the globe due to his skills and fashion trend. Back in 1994 Hassan Shahryar Yassin started his career as fashion choreographer and he is still working in Fashion and style industry with passion and devotion. His birthplace is Lahore and still resides in Lahore. HSY got his early education from New York. He graduated from Pakistan school of Fashion Design in year 2000 where now he serves as board of director and he is also affiliated with La Chambre Syndicale De La Couture Parisienne in France. He is one of the founding member of PFDC and got many achievements in his field. HSY received multiple awards for designer of the year, Ahlan Fashion and Lifestyle Awards, the Lux Style Award, the Most Stylish Fashion Icon at the MTV Style Awards and Style Guru of the Year by Indus Style Awards.

Hassan Shahryar Yassin (H.S.Y)

HSY is now considered as king of Pakistan’s fashion and media industry because he has made his name in showbiz industry too and Lollywood is considered incomplete without his presence in any outfit design for any movie star. Hassan Shahryar Yassin has served 25 years for Pakistan fashion industry.


Deepak Perwani (D.P):

Deepak is another rising name in Pakistan’s fashion industry. Deepak was born in 1973 at MirpurKhas Sindh, he is a member of Hindu Sindhi community of Pakistan. He started his career in 1994 and become famous for his men fashion outfits.

He worked for male fashion industry for around 24 years. Deepak has very vast range of kurta collection at his brand. He has achieved a lot of milestones in his career.

Deepak Perwani (D.P)

Some of his achievements are mentioned below:

Best Fashion brand in national category at world branding awards 2017-2018
Six Lux style awards Winner
2 MTV style guru awards Winner
A standing ovation at Milan fashion week 2010
Best International designer at Miami fashion week
6th innovative design house in the world at the world Bulgarian Fashion Awards
Pakistan’s cultural ambassador to China
Pakistan’s cultural ambassador Malaysia
WWF Ambassador of the earth hour 2015

Deepak hold a world record for creating world’s largest kurta 175-foot(53METER)


Asim Jofa:

Asim jofa is another big name in fashion industry of Pakistan, Asim started his career as jewelary designer and stick to his ancestors business for 12 years. He started his business as The Diamond Gallery got a lot of appreciation.

Asim Jofa

Then he entered pret collection and got famous due to his wedding collection in clothing line. Asim has also achieved a lot in his career. He had been awarded international Asian fashion award in year 2012. Asim is at top most famous fashion designers of Pakistan and well known in fashion industry too. His clothing collection is liked all around the world.


Zara ShahJahan: 

Zara ShahJahan is very talented fashion designer from Pakistan. Zara was born in Lahore, she graduated from National College of Arts and just completing her degree she started her fashion designing career in year 2004.

Zara ShahJahan

Zara made her name in fashion industry by making versatile designs in bridal wear collection and formal party wear which are liked by everyone. In recent year, her designs and collection got boom which made her famous fashion designer of Pakistan Fashion Industry.

Maria B (Coco Chanel):

Maria Bilal Butt started her clothing brand in her teen ages, she was born in Lahore. Her father was an army major and she had keen interest in fashion designing industry from early ages so she made her dream into reality when she was studying in A levels.

Maria B (Coco Chanel)

Her mother was her biggest support. So, Maria started her clothing brand in year 1999 later she was called as Coco Chanel of Pakistan. She gained very much fame in her starting year due to her hard work and passion towards her field. These are all Top 5 Fashion Designers in Pakistan.


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