Top Pakistani Lawn Brands

Top Pakistani Lawn Brands

In this, we will take a detailed preview of Top Pakistani Lawn Brands. But before going on the main context, let’s take a historic view of lawn and its origin.

The term “LAWN” is derived from “LAON”, a city situated in France. It is well-known for its linen lawn production. Lawn cloth is a fine plain weave of cotton. It is also termed as “Bastiste” and “Nainsook”. Lawn is designed to find, unique, smooth, highly-threaded yarn, which results in a silky untextured feel. Fabric made from it is either made by using combed or carded yarn. The term Lawn is also used in the textile industry to refer to a type of starched crisp finish given to a cloth product. The finish can be applied to a variety of fine fabric, prints, and plain. Lawn is commonly used for formal wear, handkerchiefs, curtains, aprons, nightwears, lingerie, color cuffs, and shirts.

“Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life”

Famous Pakistani Lawn Brands have a great name in the fashion industry around the globe. These Pakistani lawn brands offer unique, elegant, and tremendous quality stuff. According to the weather conditions of Pakistan, these brands do their best to provide top quality thin lawn product with no compromise on fabric, so it makes easy to maintain fashion even in the scorching heat of the eastern region. Now we will discuss about five top-notch Pakistani lawn brands.


Khaadi is a very well-known Pakistani clothing and lifestyle brand that every lady adores. In our Top Pakistani Lawn Brands category, Khaadi is at number one due to its wide range of lawn collection and providing valued products to its customers. If we talk about the overall brand, Khaadi is still leading in the clothing and textile industry. So, we recommend Khaadi should be your first choice if you are shopping for an alluring suit at an affordable price.



Their summer collection for the year 2020 includes a wide range of unstitched, ready-made, shirts, tunics, and tops with eastern and western cuts.


Nishat linen started its lawn collection back in the 90’s. Every age group of ladies wait a whole year for Nishat’s new arrival, it provides a superior quality product to its esteemed customers.


Nishat is also very famous in Pakistani ladies. It sells ready to wear, unstitched, bags, accessories, and home range. Every year nishat launches a beautiful variety of Lawn, linen, and Khadder with very unique and exquisite designs.


Gul Ahmed is a trendsetter in the women fashion industry with an amazing collection of marvelous designs in Lawn. This fabulous brand possesses unstitched, ready to wear, shirts, and various accessories that are equally liked by every woman.



Every woman keeps waiting a whole year for Gul Ahmed’s Linen arrival because everyone knows that no other brand offers such a masterpiece in an affordable price range.


Sana Safinaz is also a renowned brand of Pakistan for its elegant quality Lawn. But it is more likely towards the high-end side of the lawn brand tier as its being carried by many elite socialites, higher class, politicians, and celebrities during casual events. For summer, their lawn collections have always been breathtaking because of the delicately chosen color contrast and fine digital prints to complements the theme of the attire.



Sana Safinaz is considered among the top 5 lawn brands in Pakistan. Sana Safinaz deals in unstitched, stitched, shirts, suits, and formal wear with a bit higher price tag than other Pakistani brands. It offers stylish prints with stunning designs.


Sapphire holds a prestigious name in the textile industry and sits at number five in our Pakistani Lawn brands list. Sapphire is one of the sophisticated and modern producers of summer lawn collections. The brand is very well known to produce some of the most amazing pieces that are worn by not only locale but also have been the first choice for ramp walks and showbiz stars.



Sapphire has always given their absolute 100% when it comes to producing high-quality collections with fabulous contrasts and color schemes. It provides stylish and stunning floral designs with unique embroidery.

Top Ten Clothing Brands in Pakistan 2020

Top Ten Clothing Brands in Pakistan 2020

There are so many top clothing brands in Pakistan 2020, these Pakistani clothing brands are striving for the development of the economy and making a big leap in the textile sector while contributing to the development of the country. Fashion is an entity that helps to groom differently/uniquely and it is a point of discussion in today’s era. We deal in fashion and various apparel every other day, and it is an admirable source in which someone elaborates on the culture, context, lifestyle in an exquisite manner. To keep up with the match of the world in the fashion industry, Pakistan is also working hand to hand with the international textile and couture industry and making its mark in the fashion industry.

“Fashion is what you’re offered four times a year by designers. And style is what you choose.” – Lauren Hutton

Over the past decade, the Pakistani fashion industry has accomplished a lot of milestones. Pakistan’s couture industry predominantly deals with clothing brands, apparel, accessories and refers to ethnic clothing. There is a huge number of famous designer brands in Pakistan. If we distinctively talk about these clothing brands in Pakistan, then there are lots of brands that are working to promote cultures and traditional dresses according to the taste and choices of Pakistani people. We can easily find men and women dresses under one umbrella, many clothing brands in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad are working for both genders. Too many international celebrities are promoting famous clothing brands in Pakistan, like Priyanka Chopra, Kareena Kapoor khan, Kate Middleton, and many more. Top Ten Clothing Brands in Pakistan 2020 are being discussed everywhere these days.

In this article, we are going to enlighten you with some Pakistani clothing brands’ names and their specifications and area of specialty, and how they are contributing to making nation proud at so many international levels by showing the positive side of Pakistan.

We have shortlisted some famous Pakistani Clothing Brands:


Gul Ahmed is the most prestigious and oldest Pakistani brand. It was launched back then when people were not even aware of brands. It has always maintained its place among Top Top Ten Clothing Brands in Pakistan 2020. gave a sense of branded apparels to Pakistani people. Gul Ahmed Group started its textile business in 1953 under the banner of Gul Ahmed Textile Mills Limited. It is a Pakistani textile company that manufactures and sells clothing through a chain of retail outlets under the name ‘Ideas by Gul Ahmed’. Gul Ahmed textiles launched its retail outlet in 2003.



Gul Ahmed gives the magnificent collection in every season to its customers. The textile industry is producing Lawn, Cambric, Khaddar, Cotton, and Silk fabric.

Its collection starts at PKR 2,000 and go as high as PKR30,000.

2: AL KARAM Studio:

AlKaram Studio is a Pakistani brand which sells unstitched, ready to wear, party wear and bridal couture. It has a wide range of collection which is liked by women from all wakes of life.



AlKaram Studio was launched by AlKaram textiles in 2011. Its headquarter is located in Karachi from where its clothing collection is deployed all over Pakistan. AlKaram Studio has its retail stores in all major cities of Pakistan and middle eastern countries like Sharjah and Dubai. Its stores are also located in the USA. AlKaram Studio also provides the facility of an E-commerce website to reach its customers globally.

Its collection starts at PKR 3,000 to 4,000 and go as high as PKR 40,000.


Chinyere is another Pakistani brand which deals in unstitched, ready-made, formal wear, pret, bridal couture. It is one of the expensive clothing brands of Pakistan. It is the Brand of sophistication, fashion, and style.



Chinyere has a wide range of collections for women girls and recently it has launched its men collection. Its outlets are located in corner of Pakistan. The outlets are established in the UK and Canada too. An amalgamation of global cuts and traditional designs is the style of Chinyere.

Products start for PKR 3,500.


Nishat Linen is also a widely known brand in Pakistan, it was established back in 1990 and spread its outlets all over the country in a short period. Besides the biggest retail chain in Pakistan, Nishat Linen is preferred by Pakistani women from the last two decades. This brand deals in unstitched, ready-made, bridal wear, formal wear. Nishat had started its men collection a few years ago along with the launch of home apparel like bedsheets etc.


Nishat Linen is a rapidly growing retail chain from Pakistan with 72 outlets in 26 major cities of the country and tens of outlets around the globe.

Products start for PKR 3,000.


Khaadi was founded in 1998 by Shamoon Sultan (CEO Khaadi) and it’s been two decades since Khaadi is making trends in Pakistan’s Fashion Industry. Its first store was opened in Zamzama Karachi. Khaadi is a leading fashion brand, it offers riveting home and clothing, shoes and accessories, fragrances, skin, and hair care solutions for women and children. Khaadi pioneers new traditions in fashion with an innovative approach inspired by global fusion; a contemporary and fashion-focused context. This ethos manifests itself within all Khaadi’s designs and brands.



Products start at PKR 2,000 to 2,500 and go up to PKR 30,000.


Sana Safinaz was founded in 1989 by Sana Haswani and Safinaz Muneer. Its headquarter is located in Karachi. It sells unstitched, ready to wear, embroidered, pret, printed fabric, and formal wear. It also deals in accessories like dupattas, bags, etc. along with newly launched footwear. Currently, Sana Safinaz is running 36 flagship stores under its banner.


Products start at PKR 2,000 to 3,000 and go up to PKR 35,000 to 40,000.


Sapphire was launched in 2014 by Sapphire Textiles, Pakistan. Nabeel Abdullah is the founder of Sapphire. It is among the expensive brands of Pakistan. Around 21 stores are located in different cities of the country. Sapphire deals in Daily wear, party wear, formal wear, silk tunics, scarves, and unstitched fabric. It has a wide range of Men’s wear, footwear, accessories, fragrances, and lingerie’s.



Products start at PKR 3,000 and go up to PKR 35,000.

8: MARIA B.:

Maria B. was founded by Maria Butt in her early teenage. Maria Butt is among the most famous Pakistani designers and well known around the world due to her magnificent designer outfits.



Maria B. deals on lawn, unstitched, ready to wear, embroidered, printed fabric, linen, and cotton. The price tags for the middle-class community is quite reasonable too.


Bonanza is also another Pakistani brand which is serving its customers with amazing collections and designer outfits. It was established in 1976 and till bonanza is continuing its legacy of elegant fabric and trendsetting design in Pakistan’s fashion industry.



Bonanza started its women clothing specifically by the name of Satrangi. Bonanza deals in Men’s Formal Clothing, Knits, and Ethnic Wear; and Satrangi – Women’s Prêt, Unstitched, and Accessories.


Limelight is another well-reformed clothing brand in Pakistan for 2020 that targeted low budget customers and has huge sales every year. For day-to-day wear, their outfits are compelling and are popular among people who can’t afford expensive clothes.Here are the recent more collections of Limelight Eid Dresses 2020.



Their business model is completely different than other Pakistani clothing brands. The specialty of Limelight is in digital printing and eastern unstitched and stitched clothes. This was all about Top Ten Clothing Brands in Pakistan 2020.

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Top 5 Fashion Designers in Pakistan

Top 5 Fashion Designers in Pakistan

Fashion Designers are integral part of glamour industry of any country and plays a vital role in fashion trends.

Top 5 Fashion Designers in Pakistan list apotheosis the brilliant fashion designers of Pakistan which is well known for its fashion trends.

Fashion is a depiction of one’s body, mind and soul because it totally changes once appearance overall including body posture and clothing and grooming, it is a life style one can adopt by having a good fashion sense. Undoubtedly, we can state that Pakistan has fastest growing and most talented fashion industry around the world. These fashion giants are serving all over the world and changing lifestyles of millions. We have shortlisted Top 10 fashion designers in Pakistan, their complete bio and fashion career.

Hassan Shahryar Yassin (H.S.Y):

Hassan Shahryar Yassin is Pakistan’s renowned fashion designer and famous all around the globe due to his skills and fashion trend. Back in 1994 Hassan Shahryar Yassin started his career as fashion choreographer and he is still working in Fashion and style industry with passion and devotion. His birthplace is Lahore and still resides in Lahore. HSY got his early education from New York. He graduated from Pakistan school of Fashion Design in year 2000 where now he serves as board of director and he is also affiliated with La Chambre Syndicale De La Couture Parisienne in France. He is one of the founding member of PFDC and got many achievements in his field. HSY received multiple awards for designer of the year, Ahlan Fashion and Lifestyle Awards, the Lux Style Award, the Most Stylish Fashion Icon at the MTV Style Awards and Style Guru of the Year by Indus Style Awards.

Hassan Shahryar Yassin (H.S.Y)

HSY is now considered as king of Pakistan’s fashion and media industry because he has made his name in showbiz industry too and Lollywood is considered incomplete without his presence in any outfit design for any movie star. Hassan Shahryar Yassin has served 25 years for Pakistan fashion industry.


Deepak Perwani (D.P):

Deepak is another rising name in Pakistan’s fashion industry. Deepak was born in 1973 at MirpurKhas Sindh, he is a member of Hindu Sindhi community of Pakistan. He started his career in 1994 and become famous for his men fashion outfits.

He worked for male fashion industry for around 24 years. Deepak has very vast range of kurta collection at his brand. He has achieved a lot of milestones in his career.

Deepak Perwani (D.P)

Some of his achievements are mentioned below:

Best Fashion brand in national category at world branding awards 2017-2018
Six Lux style awards Winner
2 MTV style guru awards Winner
A standing ovation at Milan fashion week 2010
Best International designer at Miami fashion week
6th innovative design house in the world at the world Bulgarian Fashion Awards
Pakistan’s cultural ambassador to China
Pakistan’s cultural ambassador Malaysia
WWF Ambassador of the earth hour 2015

Deepak hold a world record for creating world’s largest kurta 175-foot(53METER)


Asim Jofa:

Asim jofa is another big name in fashion industry of Pakistan, Asim started his career as jewelary designer and stick to his ancestors business for 12 years. He started his business as The Diamond Gallery got a lot of appreciation.

Asim Jofa

Then he entered pret collection and got famous due to his wedding collection in clothing line. Asim has also achieved a lot in his career. He had been awarded international Asian fashion award in year 2012. Asim is at top most famous fashion designers of Pakistan and well known in fashion industry too. His clothing collection is liked all around the world.


Zara ShahJahan: 

Zara ShahJahan is very talented fashion designer from Pakistan. Zara was born in Lahore, she graduated from National College of Arts and just completing her degree she started her fashion designing career in year 2004.

Zara ShahJahan

Zara made her name in fashion industry by making versatile designs in bridal wear collection and formal party wear which are liked by everyone. In recent year, her designs and collection got boom which made her famous fashion designer of Pakistan Fashion Industry.

Maria B (Coco Chanel):

Maria Bilal Butt started her clothing brand in her teen ages, she was born in Lahore. Her father was an army major and she had keen interest in fashion designing industry from early ages so she made her dream into reality when she was studying in A levels.

Maria B (Coco Chanel)

Her mother was her biggest support. So, Maria started her clothing brand in year 1999 later she was called as Coco Chanel of Pakistan. She gained very much fame in her starting year due to her hard work and passion towards her field. These are all Top 5 Fashion Designers in Pakistan.


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