Best Cologne for Men

Best Cologne for Men

Every guy wants to smell good, So, ActionBaaz has shortlisted best cologne for men. Some colognes have the potentiality to snatch any women’s attention by such an appealing smell. Either a cologne is a warm, cool, or fresh one it can attract attention and it has the power to represent your personality and taste regarding scents. Most of the cologne have power that it could boost your power of desirability. Some cologne last long but they smell not so good, on the other hand, some cologne will not last long but it will give you an extraordinary scent, which makes you look apart from others. So being a gentleman, it is your foremost responsibility to look for some best scents in the town. There are a huge number of exotic fragrances available in the market, offered by hundreds of brands around the globe dedicated to men. Beauty counters in malls and online stores are stuffed with several perfumes but it all depends on the individual that how could you find a best yet economical cologne. Some colognes are so good and awesome that it could change your whole mood and some make you fresh and active while some take you entirely different world with its fragrance. Some colognes have so beautiful aromas that it captures everyone’s attention around and surely these colognes will make you look apart. Mostly perfumes and deodorants that are used by professionals who have to work from 9 to 5, use colognes with fresh scents and usually these perfumes are not very heavy on pocket instead of perfumes that are worn on specific functions and events are expensive ones than others. Men perfumes are available in several aromas and fragrances like woody, roasted, strong, fresh, cedarwood, amber, musk, and sweet ones. But, again it all depends on your taste and personality, ladies used to wear light odor perfumes, men wear perfumes with a bit strong odor. As it will surely make you prominent and elegant in a gathering. There’s a bit different in cologne and perfumes, colognes last for 2 hours to 3 hours and it is composed of 2 to 4% of perfume oil and alcohol, perfumes are composed of 20% to 30% perfume oil and alcohol which last for an entire day. So, ActionBaaz has a list of best colognes.


Bleu de Chanel was launched in 1910, Chanel is famous for its elegant fragrances and it is the best addition to any man’s life. Guys prefer its fragrance due to perfect scents with reasonable price tags. Bleu de Chanel brings together amber dry cedar, incense, and ginger to provide an aromatic woody scent, while citrus notes infuse an air of fresh, sophistication. It gives a spicy, hottest, and seductive attraction. It is among one of the Best Cologne for Men



It was launched back in the year 1966, Sauvage is inspired by wild, open spaces with frisky touch. A thoroughly fresh composition, Sauvage is both raw, exquisite, and noble. Dior gives a quite decent smell if worn in a formal gathering. Radiant top notes burst with the juicy freshness of Calabrian bergamot, white amber wood releases a powerfully woody trail. Sauvage is a fragrance inspired by wide-open spaces under a blue sky that dominates a white-hot desert landscape. It makes you sophisticated and attractive for being a gentleman.



Hugo Boss is quite a renowned name in men fashion couture, apparel, and accessories for men. Men like to wear their jeans and jackets while a few years ago they introduced their fragrances and colognes. This cologne is best described as the outstanding, timeless scent which can never get out of style. Any man, who applies this refreshing cologne, immediately attracts the olfactory senses of the fairer sex. It just transfers one to the 90s era. The floral scent is combined with basil which makes it fresh yet spicy. Hugo Boss comes with a reasonable price tag that is light on your pocket and gives you the best quality product with dedication.



David Off is also a famous name in colognes and perfumes. But mainly David off deals in tobacco products and cigars. The eternal Cool Water’s fragrance keeps you cool and fresh. For individuals, who live in a warm, humid country, this fragrance is custom-made for them. The undertone of spiciness that can be easily recognized for its charm, also makes it ideal for a playful night out with friends. 


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