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Top Skincare Products for Men in Pakistan

Top Skincare Products for Men in Pakistan

Skin is not only flesh but it is an organ that protects our inner organs from the harmful substances around. It is also a way to gain compliments when it is managed properly. Here we will discuss the Top Skincare Products for Men in Pakistan. As we know that the scorching heat of the sun damages our skin so it is essential to take good care of our skin to avoid dark spots and wrinkles on the skin. Just as women desire to have a lighter skin tone to look good, this trend is also followed by men now. No matter how tall or muscular a man is, he still needs a lighter skin tone to look more good. There are many facial fairness creams claiming they are the best out there but here we will discuss not only the creams but their effectiveness and efficiency.


Vaseline Men Anti Spot Whitening Face Cream:

This facial cream claims to bring fairness to the skin in just two weeks. It also can reduce acne and dark spots. It can make your skin glow so that you can look fair which can help you gain compliments from others. Moreover, it costs less than 10 bucks which is kind of cheap for a skincare product.

Vaseline Men Anti-Spot Whitening Face Cream

Nivea Men Advanced Whitening Cream:

This cream is so rich in nutrients that it can make your face glow, giving you a fair and better complexion. It includes 10 essential nutrients for the development of new skin cells so that the newly made cells can take the place of the dead or unhealthy cells giving you a fair complexion. It also costs less than ten dollars so no need to worry about the price.

Nivea Men Advanced Whitening Cream

Lo’réal Men Expert White Active Cream:

As the name suggests, white active is a formula that activates your body’s natural defense system and provides resistance to the skin from damaging under the harmful elements or substances. It can also remove the oiliness present in your skin and make your skin lighter in complexion. It’s a cheap product so you don’t need to worry about the money anymore.

Lo'real Men Expert White Active Cream

Oriflame North Men Moisturizing Fairness Face Cream:

It is a cream that prevents the skin pigmentation giving the skin a glow from the outside and fair in complexion. It also makes the skin smooth by the moisturizing substances present in the cream. It can be found is all the departmental stores near your place at an affordable price.

Oriflame North Men Moisturizing Fairness Face Cream

Emami Fair and Handsome Cream:

This cream is enriched with vitamin B3 which is efficient in reducing the dark spots present in the skin. It also has intelligent pigments present in it which in turn reduce the oiliness in the skin and make the skin look fair.

Imami Fair and Handsome Cream

Fair & Lovely MAX Fairness for Men Cream:

Fair & Lovely is a brand that everyone knows for its skin care and beauty products. It first manufactured the products for women but seeing men also suffering to get a fair skin, it starting manufacturing products for men too. This cream has a special pairing that can give you protecting from the harmful UV light. By applying this, it can protect your skin from the dust in the air and it can also reduce the oil present in your skin.

Fair & Lovely MAX Fairness for Men Cream

Garnier Men PowerLight Cream:

Garnier is a sub-brand of L’oréal. This cream can provide fairness to your skin instantly by removing the dark spots. The elements present in this cream not only provide fairness but also protect it so that your skin can glow for a long period of time. It also has an efficient feature to protect your skin from the harmful UV radiations.

Garnier Men PowerLight Cream

Pond’s White Beauty Cream for Men:

Pond’s is a brand well known in market for its beauty and skin care products. It has grown over the time and manufactures thousands of products. This cream after applying will give you a natural beauty and make your skin glow and you will look more unique and handsome in front of others. The nutrients present in this cream act as a reducing agent for the skin and neutralizes your skin color by removing the damaged cells which appear to you as dark spots. It also has the tendency to repair your epidermis in case of any bruises.

Pond's Men White Beauty Cream for Men

So these are the Top Skincare Products for men in Pakistan. The prices may slightly differ according to your area.

Top 5 Turkish Actresses

Top 5 Turkish Actresses

Everyone is watching Turkish Drams/Films these days and are curious to know about Top 5 Turkish Actresses. So here we have got you covered with all the details regarding most famous Turkish actresses of all time. Turkish drama industry is growing day by day as the industry is making great content for its viewers and their content is almost liked by people of all ages. These actresses have performed in different dramas and are currently working on more projects. This website is best to know regarding this kind of information. So without any pause let us come towards our main point of today which is as follows we will briefly tell you regarding each Turkish actress briefly here we hope you find all the information discussed here very useful as most people are searching for these actresses these days.

Hazal Kaya:

Kaya was born in Istanbul, Turkey. She attended Gaziosmanpaşa grade school and graduated in 2009 from the Liceo Italiano di Istanbul. She later got enrolled in Istanbul Bilgi University for her education. She is currently continuing her studies in Istanbul. Her parents, who are both lawyers, divorced when she was 7 years old. She was introduced to the art and acting world at a young age, and as a toddler, she took ballet and violin lessons for 7 years. Kaya speaks Italian, and English fluently, additionally to her language Turkish. She was also said to be learning a fourth language, German.

Hazal Kaya

Tuba Buyukustun:

Born on July 5th in Istanbul, Tuba majored in Costume & Design at the Mimar Sinan University of the Fine Arts from where she graduated in the year of 2004. This year also brought along her first acting gig as she starred in the successful TV show, ‘Çemberimde Gül Oya’, portraying the character of ‘Zarife’. This was her first acting experience and a strong start to a successful acting career. The following year she was awarded ‘Best Actress’ in the ‘Republic of Serbia and Montenegro International TV Festival’ for her portrayal of ‘Gülizar’, in the TV movie, ‘Gülizar’.

Tuba Buyukustun

Beren Saat:

Beren Saat (Turkish pronunciation: [beˈɾen saˈat]; born 26 February 1984) is a Turkish actress. Since the beginning of her career, she has received critical acclaim and numerous accolades for her acting style. Born and raised in Ankara, during her studies in Başkent University, she participated in the acting competition Türkiye’nin Yıldızları and was discovered by Turkish director Tomris Giritlioğlu. After that, she started a professional acting career. Saat made her acting debut with a minor part in the television series Aşkımızda Ölüm Var (2004). She was then prepared by Tomris Giritlioğlu for her first major role in Aşka Sürgün (2005–2006). She starred as Yasemin Ünsal in the ATV series Hatırla Sevgili (2006–2008) and came to international attention for her role as Bihter Yöreoğlu Ziyagil in the Kanal D series.

Beren Saat

Hande Erçel:

Hande Erçel was born on 24th November 1993 in Bandirma, Turkey. She is a Turkish actress and model, who rose to popularity almost overnight. Erçel is known for her lead role in Aşk Laftan Anlamaz (2016– 2017) as Hayat Uzun – Sarsılmaz, against Burak Deniz as Murat Sarsılmaz. Hande Erçel, the lovely youthful actor began her career as a model in media outlets. Starting the captivating voyage, from the year 2013, the actor has been doing entirely well and is currently a prominent TV actress. The charming young lady has built up a huge audience through TV dramas like Calikusu, Gunesin Kizlari, Ask Laftan Anlamaz.

Hande Erçel

Fahriye Evcen:

Fahriye Evcen was born on 4 June 1986. She is a beautiful German-Turkish actress and model. Her nickname is “Feride”. She is best known for her role at “Yaprak Dökümü” which was based on the novel by Reşat Nuri Güntekin and as “Feride” in the TV series Çalıkuşu, Also based on the novel by Reşat Nuri Güntekin. Fahriye is of Circassian origin from the maternal side and her paternal family is a Turkish immigrant from Kavala, Greece. Fahriye made her first appearance in the movie, “Cennet”. Her education includes History at Boğaziçi University / Heinrich-Heine University in Dusseldorf. She is married to a well-known super-famous actor and model Burak Özçivit. And her net worth is $9 million.

Fahriye Evcen

Final Statement About Top 5 Turkish Actresses:

This was all about these actresses that are trending on the Turkish industry as well as on social medial platforms these days due to their amazing performance. If you have any queries regarding these actress then you must leave a comment in our comment box below we will get back to you shortly. For more amazing articles like this keep visiting our website. As soon we will find another trending Turkish actress other than these actresses we will let you know. This was all about Top 5 Turkish Actresses.

Also Check: Best Perfumes For Women 2020

Best Perfumes for Women 2020

Best Perfumes for Women 2020

Every woman wants to smell good so the Best Perfumes for Women 2020 will help them shop a good product. If you are seeking an elegant yet sophisticated kind of perfume than you have come to the right place. So, a lady who wants to smell different and pleasant, she will be looking for an ideal perfume, which could make her look apart. But, the real problem arises when you have to find a perfume that matches your personality and outlook. Sometimes, a signature scent can be used in any situation or at any age. There are thousands of perfume available in the market, offered by hundreds of brands around the globe. Beauty counters in malls and online stores are stuffed with several perfumes but it all depends on you that how could you find a best yet economical perfume. Some perfumes are so good that it could change your whole mood and some makes you fresh and active.

“Perfume is like a new dress; it makes you quite simply marvelous.”

Some perfumes have so aromas that it captures everyone’s attention around and surely those perfumes make you look apart. Mostly perfumes and deodorants used by professionals who have to work from 9 to 5, use perfumes with fresh scents and usually these perfumes are not very heavy on pocket instead of perfumes that are worn on specific functions and events are expensive ones than others. Ladies perfumes are available in several aromas and fragrances like woody, floral, fruity, fresh, cedarwood, amber, musk, and sweet ones. But, again it all depends on your taste and personality, ladies used to wear light odor perfumes, men wear perfumes with a bit strong odor. Ladies perfumes are less expensive than men perfumes and colognes, because men perfumes are high in demand, on the other hand, ladies usually wear EDP (EAU De PARFUM), these are lighter perfumes and gives fresh beautiful scent. It usually lasts for five to six hours.


ActionBaaz has committed to its readers to give the best quality articles based on proper research and analysis. So, we have shortlisted five perfumes from Victoria’s secret to Tom Ford, from Jo Malone to Mark Jacob’s, from Coco Chanel to Versace, from dolce Gabbana to Dior with an exquisite fragrance. Best Perfumes for Women 2020 is trending topic at most places these days.

1: Coco Chanel’s – Mademoiselle: 

Chanel is at the top of the list with all its glorious fragrances and soothing scent that will make you fresh and calm, yet more attractive. This spicy fragrance for women was launched back in 1984 with the original Coco Chanel box than in 2001 Chanel launched mademoiselle with sparkling oriental fragrance and its irresistible fragrance surely attracts everyone’s attention. It is a modern classic perfume with an exquisite composition of remarkable ingredients. Coco Chanel’s mademoiselle will cost you PKR 15,000 or $105. It is an international brand so be aware while this product because there are numbers of first copies are available in the market, its best solution is to buy it from their online store or a trust beauty shop.

Coco Chanel’s - Mademoiselle

2: Jo Malone’s – Wood Sage:

As we have talked earlier, it all depends on your taste and personality that which perfume or fragrance you want to wear, or sometimes it depends on the event and workplace. You can’t wear a floral or chic fragrance at your workplace so if you are working women where you have to meet professionals and interact with your employees than Jo Malone’s Wood Sage is the best choice to wear at the office and daily routine work. This perfume is cheap on your budget but worth it. It costs around PKR 9,000 or $53 if ordered from its original website, prices may vary accordingly. It is the best and foremost choice for every working woman out there.

Jo Malone’s - Wood Sage

3: Tom Ford’s – Vanille Fatale:

Tom Ford’s Vanille Fatale was launched in 2017 and gain much popularity by Tom Ford’s lover around the world. Despite the expensive price tag, this perfume was very much liked by ladies. This smoky glamourous scent is famous among celebrities. This will make your friends drool over with such a pleasant smell. It gives a strong Starbucks coffee fragrance with the included ingredient as frangipani and mahogany, accompanied by roasted barley. This is the expensive one in our list, it will cost you PKR 40,000 or $250, prices may vary accordingly.

Tom Ford’s - Vanille Fatale

4: Mark Jacob’s – Daisy:

 if you have a party or family wedding than Mark Jacob’s Daisy is strongly recommended by ActionBaaz, it will make you capture the limelight and a seductive senorita. This fresh and soothing floral fragrance is packed with notes of strawberry, violet leaves, and jasmine. This light essence is highly recommended for weddings, parties, social gatherings and it can be worn at an office meeting. This spicy senoritas perfume will cost you PKR 16,000 or $104, price may vary accordingly. This was all about Best Perfumes for Women 2020.

Mark Jacob’s - Daisy




Here we will tell you about Top Menswear Brands in Pakistan. Our clothing is what we use to represent ourselves to the world, it lets everyone know about our taste, mood, personality, and profession. In some cases, our clothes express our happiness or sadness, either we are edgy or trendy. Most of the above a decent give a little bit of confidence. A ripped jeans and button-down shirt gives off a classy sense of style but in a relaxed way. Shorts with athletic joggers or sneaker gives an athlete look which presents how fit you are. Exactly, in the same way, a nicely pressed tailored suit, with contrast tie, an exquisite pair of moccasins and branded watch will show how bold and professional you are. The perfect style of clothes has everything to do with finding the right clothing brand for yourself that matches your taste. Actually, in the female fashion industry, you can take anything and turn it into fashion but in men fashion industry, you can’t start a new trend with the thought of your mind, so when it comes to men’s clothing, designers stay restricted as well as formulated because in Pakistan menswear are designed very sophisticatedly with a little touch of cultural and regional designs. 


Deepak Parwani is Pakistan’s most renowned menswear brand named after famous fashion designer “DEEPAK PARWANI”, he belongs to the Hindu-Sindhi community of Pakistan. Deepak Parwani’s brand has achieved various milestones in the short span of his career.


He has received a Lux style award for best menswear designer, which is quite a big achievement. Deepak Parwani deals in casual kurtas, waistcoats, suits/jackets, and sherwanis. His menswear collection is available in Deepak Parwani outlets and famous clothing brand’s studios.


This reputable Pakistani brand was launched back in the 1990s and it is still industry till now. It is very famous for menswear. Amir Adnan is recognized globally and renowned in the elite class of Pakistan.


It is Pakistan’s first-ever menswear brand with an international label. Amir Adnan claimed to modernized the traditional sherwani culture of Pakistan.

3: J. (Junaid Jamshed):

J. named after famous Pakistan personality Junaid Jamshed. It was launched in the early 2000s by Junaid Jamshed. It was solely launched for menswear but then in the coming years, they adopted women collection too, and nowadays J. deals in menswear, women’s wear, fragrances, makeup accessories (Halal cosmetics line), and various other items.

J. (Junaid Jamshed)

It also deals in wedding dresses for men like sherwani and designer kurtas. Though J. is quite expensive but they usually launch sales on a seasonal and yearly basis which makes it approachable for the middle-class community.


Stoneage started in the year 2005 and it managed to make a huge name in men’s fashion attire. Stoneage deals in casual clothing for men and boys and they very successful with their collection because people were in dire need of local casual clothing brands that could deal with western clothes too.


They are a bit different from other brands mentioned above apart from kurta shalwar or traditional clothing stoneage offers a wide range of western designs of jeans, shirts, and tees which makes it trendy among the youth of Pakistan.


Outfitters is one of the famous and reputable brand of Pakistan. It started with streetwear casual clothing like jeans, pants, jackets, shirts, T-shirts. It offers such designs that are a perfect blend of eastern and western trends.


There was a time when Pakistani people were a bit skeptical about western clothing and western designs, but that has changed, and the credit goes to brands like Outfitters who have worked day and night to provide the Pakistani consumers with western clothing that has traditional touches. This was all about Top Menswear Brands in Pakistan.

Top 10 Most Popular Men’s Shoes Brands

Top 10 Most Popular Men’s Shoes Brands

Shoes are an integral part of one’s closet, we have listed Top 10 Most Popular Men’s Shoes Brands for ActionBaaz family.

Shoes are the most important part of a man’s cupboard. Men are also shoe lovers like women men are more into shoes than ladies and some fashion freaks keep at least tens of pairs of formal, leather, and sports shoes to match with their desired clothing and accessories.

The shoe quality and brand describe your status and its design depict your taste and personality. The footwear industry has its place like textile and various other industries related to fashion. Various Famous International men`s shoe brands release their new products every year with some unique and elegant design. ActionBaaz has done a little research over men’s shoe brands according to the taste of the majority of men. The following are some renowned shoe brands for men.

list of Top 10 Most Popular Men’s Shoes Brands:

Following is the list of sports footwear or Formal Shoe brands

1: NIKE:

When we talk about shoe brands, the name that comes in our minds is Nike. Nike is a multinational American footwear company that sells superior quality products in the market and it is the biggest sports equipment company with annual revenue of 26 billion dollars.


Nike deals in all kinds of sports accessories and equipment. The company makes no compromises on the quality of the product and it is the reason Nike is at the top of the chart in the footwear industry.


Adidas took the second position on the list of most popular shoe brands. Like Nike, Adidas offers various unique designs with no question on the quality of the product.


It is also ranked as the biggest sports good supplier in the world, Adidas has many huge contracts with football leagues, cricket teams, baseball teams, golf clubs and the number of other sports franchises.

3: PUMA: 

Like the above-mentioned shoe brand, Puma is also a renowned shoe brand around the globe. Puma is a German-based multinational company that designs and manufactures athletic and casual footwear, apparel, and accessories.


It also contributes a big share of sportswear around the world. Puma is the third-largest sportswear manufacturer in the world. The company was founded in 1948.


Reebok is an England based multinational footwear company and it offers various other products related to sports and athletes. Reebok also supplies sports clothing to its customer clubs.


It was established in 1895 at Bolton, England. Reebok designs manufactures, distributes, and sells fitness, running, and CrossFit sportswear including clothing and footwear. The clothing line includes t-shirts, hoodies, and pants among other items. The brand has also collaborated with other companies to produce fitness equipment and workouts.


It is a U.S based athletic shoe company, it was established in 1906 in Boston. New Balance offers athletic shoes, apparel, shoe wear, and sports equipment.


The company is known to collaborate with celebrities to launch their branded product chains. New Balance deals in running shoes, basketball shoes, skateboarding shoes, baseball shoes, everyday sneakers, and various other athlete’s products.

The following list includes formal footwear brands:


If we talk about formal shoe brands with amazing quality leather and affordable price than Cole Hann is a company that values diversity, Cole Hann offers their Footwear in a wide variety of styles, designs and textures to adapt to practically any style choice imaginable by its customers and Cole Hann never fail to impress their loyal customers.


While there are a few styles that are in line with the more “traditional” look, there are many custom styles and unique designs.


Dolce and Gabbana comes in a luxury footwear brands but promised elegant quality that won’t disappoint its customers. It is one of the best leather shoe brands around the globe but the price tag is also high.


This is a luxury brand that has a luxurious look to back it. The leather shoes are offered in both men’s and women’s. The men’s shoe tends to have a more traditional look with oxfords and loafers.


A good quality product comes with slightly higher price tags, the same is the case with the shoe brand that we are going to discuss with our readers. Crockett and Jones is a Russian footwear brand that is known for turning out some of the most amazing shoes on the planet.



Not only are customers able to order their shoes in a bespoke atmosphere, but they are also able to order with different textures as well. The best thing about Crockett and jones is their handcrafted leather boots with elegant designs. But, their product will surely amaze you.


In the list of formal footwear, how can we forget “Timberland” leatherworking shoes and rugged look boots. Timberland best quality leather product with awesome texture designs and unique material.


If you are looking for a good product at economical prices, then timberland should be your priority.


Hush Puppies is an American internationally marketed brand of contemporary, casual footwear for men, women, and children.


The shoes have been described as “the classic American brushed-suede shoes with the lightweight crepe sole”. It is equally liked by everyone around the globe.

Also Check: Trending Haircut For Boys



If you want to rock your hairstyle, trending haircut for boys will help with every aspect. For young boys, hairstyles matter a lot and if you got a girlfriend, you must look after your haircut and trimming because girls would prefer guys with a proper haircut and trimmed hair than sloppy and rough hair. So, you must take care of your hair as it is an integral part of your face grooming. A guy with a nice haircut would be preferred over a spiked one. Gone are the days when spikes were considered cool, nowadays a quiff or a decent puff is all you need but always keep in mind that a good hair cut is the one which matches your face’s shape and most importantly your personality. ActionBaaz has shortlisted some fancy hairstyles for you guys. So stay tuned!

1:QUIFF :                   

At the top of the list, we will discuss the most liked and adored hairstyle from the past few years. The quiff has become the most admired hairstyle by boys recently, and in my opinion, it is a perfect choice for boys who favor a sophisticated appearance. As we all know that quiff is a more distinguished hairstyle nowadays, it can be altered to be either subtle, classy, or bold. For a bit classy appearance, we suggest you the short quiff, and for a dandy and stylish cool look, the long quiff or the messy quiff will make you stand apart. The quiff is trending these days so you will not have to struggle a lot for a perfect barber or hairstylist to get it.


We recommend going to a professional stylist for a perfect quiff. But, your hair length should be long enough to get an elegant hairstyle, don’t worry if you have short hair, your hairstylist will sort it out. But make sure you shouldn’t be bald (Just Kidding). The basic idea is that the hair is longer on top and shorter on the back and sides. The hair on top is styled up and combed back. For a more in-depth look at the quiff, check out our guide to this cool style.


Another most liked hairstyle by teen boys is Pompadour. It is a great teen boy’s hairstyle that looks dapper and slick. This style makes more like poofed appearance because you need to get long hair and more volume at the top of your head and fades on both sides.


It makes a face look longer so if you have an oval or long face, do not make your pomp too high because it will look weird and destroy your whole styling. This hairstyle requires a lot of maintenance like trimming and a lot of gel on the top. Pompadour matches greatly with a round face with a chiseled jawline and short forehead, as we have already discussed that it will make your face look a bit longer. So, yeah it is the best choice for classy teens.


In the year 2018 and 2019, Undercut attained so much hype that it will be also trending in 2020. Undercut or Lower Fade is short from sides and back while a little more volume over the top. Most of the guys think that it is only for straight hair but guess what? It gives a dashing look with curly hair too.


Curly ones can be styled more dandy. But, there are some cons of undercut it needs a lot of maintenance and trimming in daily routine in addition to this gel, wax or mousse is needed to set those hairs at the top of your head. Undercut works best with a long face and ActionBaaz will recommend this hairstyle for a long face with a strong jawline.


Making your hair textured changes the whole look of it. Either you are making a quiff, pomp, simple poof, undercut, or loose comb-over, and adding a bit texture with your finger will make this hairstyle more elegant.


For making these hairstyles textured, you need some hair products to set that texture. A formal gel, wax, or mousse will work fine with it but make sure you don’t ruin the actual hairstyle. Texture hair retains a unique shape and enhances your personality overall. Trending Haircut For Boys is the main topic in most of the barbershops these days.


You have seen James Bond saving the world and scoring the chicks with Faux Hawk. This one has been around for a while but is still seen across Hollywood. The faux hawk is short around the sides and back, and it gradually gets longer as it pulls towards the middle of the head.

Faux Hawk

This haircut takes styling with gel to keep it in the middle. It works best with individuals that have long faces, strong chins, and high cheekbones. How to get it: Using a styling product, stand all of your hair up. It should stick together, and from there, you can modify it as you like. This was all about Trending Haircut For Boys.



Denims never get out of fashion so we will discuss Denim Trends 2020. In our daily chores of life, we see many people wearing denim jeans, jackets, and tops. Most people love to wear denim stuff because you can easily dress it up or down and gives a much dashing look than any other clothing stuff. In past years, denim was liked by everyone but styles and trends change over time. In the early ’80s and ’90s, high waisted denims were trending but nowadays people like to wear ripped jeans and a slim fit with a little touch of skinny jeans. So, trends changes, and some old trends become the part of new ones.

If you are looking for a recent denim style for the year 2020 and wanna slay at the bachelor party. We are here for you, ActionBaaz has shortlisted some hottest kickass styled denims for you. So stay tuned!


It’s the year 2020 and people are still drooling over ripped denim stuff, these distressed denims are in trend from the past few years and guess what people are still loving it. Ripped jeans give a bit badass look if wanted to impress your crush than we will surely recommend to try one.


Ripped denim will stay in limelight for the year 2020 so what are you waiting for go buy a nice pair of ripped jeans with graphic tees and boooom…….!!!!!! You are the hottest in your class. “WINK-WINK”.


Hey, Hey, Hey! You are a guy with an aesthetic body shape, a sophisticated personality, and secretly every girl wanna hang out with you. BUT, you still dress like your mama dressed you in your childhood (eye rolls). So, my buddy you have to make some changes in your styling routine and ActionBaaz will help you to get some girls (Just Kidding).


Now, you have made up your mind to look cool and rugged at the same time. The dark black ripped or slim fit jean contrasted with a blue denim jacket would the best approach. Make sure you wear that denim jacket with a plain shirt either it could be white or any light color. A decent watch with a band would be a plus.


Yeah, you read it right, Vintage Denims or Nineties Denims are still in trending. You could have noticed that 90’s stuff is again becoming the part of the wardrobe and those classic grey color vintage denim are again in demand for year twenty-twenty. The specialty of this denim is pale color and loose fit.


It gives a mind-blowing look if you try it with a hoody or perfect fit sweat-shirt. And keep in mind that shoes you wear with it should be some dark-colored suede or rugged leather boots.


Denim with turn-ups gives entirely different taste while wearing it. You can just make a fold on your ripped, vintage, slim fit, loose fit, or high waisted and give it a dashing look.


These turn-ups will look perfect with rugged worker boots or Chelsea boot. It gives a more masculine look if you wear it with some distressed denim jacket.


If you have a bulky body, then you should try some loose-fit denims. It will style you up and keep you with the fashion pace. These are quite reasonable and affordable in the market.


A pale denim shade of loose fit perfectly matches with normcore stablemates like boxy over shirts and color block tees. In short: if it looks relaxed and basic, you’re doing dad denim right. Just leave the dance moves at home. This was all about Denim trends 2020.

Top Pakistani Lawn Brands

Top Pakistani Lawn Brands

In this, we will take a detailed preview of Top Pakistani Lawn Brands. But before going on the main context, let’s take a historic view of lawn and its origin.

The term “LAWN” is derived from “LAON”, a city situated in France. It is well-known for its linen lawn production. Lawn cloth is a fine plain weave of cotton. It is also termed as “Bastiste” and “Nainsook”. Lawn is designed to find, unique, smooth, highly-threaded yarn, which results in a silky untextured feel. Fabric made from it is either made by using combed or carded yarn. The term Lawn is also used in the textile industry to refer to a type of starched crisp finish given to a cloth product. The finish can be applied to a variety of fine fabric, prints, and plain. Lawn is commonly used for formal wear, handkerchiefs, curtains, aprons, nightwears, lingerie, color cuffs, and shirts.

“Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life”

Famous Pakistani Lawn Brands have a great name in the fashion industry around the globe. These Pakistani lawn brands offer unique, elegant, and tremendous quality stuff. According to the weather conditions of Pakistan, these brands do their best to provide top quality thin lawn product with no compromise on fabric, so it makes easy to maintain fashion even in the scorching heat of the eastern region. Now we will discuss about five top-notch Pakistani lawn brands.


Khaadi is a very well-known Pakistani clothing and lifestyle brand that every lady adores. In our Top Pakistani Lawn Brands category, Khaadi is at number one due to its wide range of lawn collection and providing valued products to its customers. If we talk about the overall brand, Khaadi is still leading in the clothing and textile industry. So, we recommend Khaadi should be your first choice if you are shopping for an alluring suit at an affordable price.



Their summer collection for the year 2020 includes a wide range of unstitched, ready-made, shirts, tunics, and tops with eastern and western cuts.


Nishat linen started its lawn collection back in the 90’s. Every age group of ladies wait a whole year for Nishat’s new arrival, it provides a superior quality product to its esteemed customers.


Nishat is also very famous in Pakistani ladies. It sells ready to wear, unstitched, bags, accessories, and home range. Every year nishat launches a beautiful variety of Lawn, linen, and Khadder with very unique and exquisite designs.


Gul Ahmed is a trendsetter in the women fashion industry with an amazing collection of marvelous designs in Lawn. This fabulous brand possesses unstitched, ready to wear, shirts, and various accessories that are equally liked by every woman.



Every woman keeps waiting a whole year for Gul Ahmed’s Linen arrival because everyone knows that no other brand offers such a masterpiece in an affordable price range.


Sana Safinaz is also a renowned brand of Pakistan for its elegant quality Lawn. But it is more likely towards the high-end side of the lawn brand tier as its being carried by many elite socialites, higher class, politicians, and celebrities during casual events. For summer, their lawn collections have always been breathtaking because of the delicately chosen color contrast and fine digital prints to complements the theme of the attire.



Sana Safinaz is considered among the top 5 lawn brands in Pakistan. Sana Safinaz deals in unstitched, stitched, shirts, suits, and formal wear with a bit higher price tag than other Pakistani brands. It offers stylish prints with stunning designs.


Sapphire holds a prestigious name in the textile industry and sits at number five in our Pakistani Lawn brands list. Sapphire is one of the sophisticated and modern producers of summer lawn collections. The brand is very well known to produce some of the most amazing pieces that are worn by not only locale but also have been the first choice for ramp walks and showbiz stars.



Sapphire has always given their absolute 100% when it comes to producing high-quality collections with fabulous contrasts and color schemes. It provides stylish and stunning floral designs with unique embroidery.

Top Ten Clothing Brands in Pakistan 2020

Top Ten Clothing Brands in Pakistan 2020

There are so many top clothing brands in Pakistan 2020, these Pakistani clothing brands are striving for the development of the economy and making a big leap in the textile sector while contributing to the development of the country. Fashion is an entity that helps to groom differently/uniquely and it is a point of discussion in today’s era. We deal in fashion and various apparel every other day, and it is an admirable source in which someone elaborates on the culture, context, lifestyle in an exquisite manner. To keep up with the match of the world in the fashion industry, Pakistan is also working hand to hand with the international textile and couture industry and making its mark in the fashion industry.

“Fashion is what you’re offered four times a year by designers. And style is what you choose.” – Lauren Hutton

Over the past decade, the Pakistani fashion industry has accomplished a lot of milestones. Pakistan’s couture industry predominantly deals with clothing brands, apparel, accessories and refers to ethnic clothing. There is a huge number of famous designer brands in Pakistan. If we distinctively talk about these clothing brands in Pakistan, then there are lots of brands that are working to promote cultures and traditional dresses according to the taste and choices of Pakistani people. We can easily find men and women dresses under one umbrella, many clothing brands in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad are working for both genders. Too many international celebrities are promoting famous clothing brands in Pakistan, like Priyanka Chopra, Kareena Kapoor khan, Kate Middleton, and many more. Top Ten Clothing Brands in Pakistan 2020 are being discussed everywhere these days.

In this article, we are going to enlighten you with some Pakistani clothing brands’ names and their specifications and area of specialty, and how they are contributing to making nation proud at so many international levels by showing the positive side of Pakistan.

We have shortlisted some famous Pakistani Clothing Brands:


Gul Ahmed is the most prestigious and oldest Pakistani brand. It was launched back then when people were not even aware of brands. It has always maintained its place among Top Top Ten Clothing Brands in Pakistan 2020. gave a sense of branded apparels to Pakistani people. Gul Ahmed Group started its textile business in 1953 under the banner of Gul Ahmed Textile Mills Limited. It is a Pakistani textile company that manufactures and sells clothing through a chain of retail outlets under the name ‘Ideas by Gul Ahmed’. Gul Ahmed textiles launched its retail outlet in 2003.



Gul Ahmed gives the magnificent collection in every season to its customers. The textile industry is producing Lawn, Cambric, Khaddar, Cotton, and Silk fabric.

Its collection starts at PKR 2,000 and go as high as PKR30,000.

2: AL KARAM Studio:

AlKaram Studio is a Pakistani brand which sells unstitched, ready to wear, party wear and bridal couture. It has a wide range of collection which is liked by women from all wakes of life.



AlKaram Studio was launched by AlKaram textiles in 2011. Its headquarter is located in Karachi from where its clothing collection is deployed all over Pakistan. AlKaram Studio has its retail stores in all major cities of Pakistan and middle eastern countries like Sharjah and Dubai. Its stores are also located in the USA. AlKaram Studio also provides the facility of an E-commerce website to reach its customers globally.

Its collection starts at PKR 3,000 to 4,000 and go as high as PKR 40,000.


Chinyere is another Pakistani brand which deals in unstitched, ready-made, formal wear, pret, bridal couture. It is one of the expensive clothing brands of Pakistan. It is the Brand of sophistication, fashion, and style.



Chinyere has a wide range of collections for women girls and recently it has launched its men collection. Its outlets are located in corner of Pakistan. The outlets are established in the UK and Canada too. An amalgamation of global cuts and traditional designs is the style of Chinyere.

Products start for PKR 3,500.


Nishat Linen is also a widely known brand in Pakistan, it was established back in 1990 and spread its outlets all over the country in a short period. Besides the biggest retail chain in Pakistan, Nishat Linen is preferred by Pakistani women from the last two decades. This brand deals in unstitched, ready-made, bridal wear, formal wear. Nishat had started its men collection a few years ago along with the launch of home apparel like bedsheets etc.


Nishat Linen is a rapidly growing retail chain from Pakistan with 72 outlets in 26 major cities of the country and tens of outlets around the globe.

Products start for PKR 3,000.


Khaadi was founded in 1998 by Shamoon Sultan (CEO Khaadi) and it’s been two decades since Khaadi is making trends in Pakistan’s Fashion Industry. Its first store was opened in Zamzama Karachi. Khaadi is a leading fashion brand, it offers riveting home and clothing, shoes and accessories, fragrances, skin, and hair care solutions for women and children. Khaadi pioneers new traditions in fashion with an innovative approach inspired by global fusion; a contemporary and fashion-focused context. This ethos manifests itself within all Khaadi’s designs and brands.



Products start at PKR 2,000 to 2,500 and go up to PKR 30,000.


Sana Safinaz was founded in 1989 by Sana Haswani and Safinaz Muneer. Its headquarter is located in Karachi. It sells unstitched, ready to wear, embroidered, pret, printed fabric, and formal wear. It also deals in accessories like dupattas, bags, etc. along with newly launched footwear. Currently, Sana Safinaz is running 36 flagship stores under its banner.


Products start at PKR 2,000 to 3,000 and go up to PKR 35,000 to 40,000.


Sapphire was launched in 2014 by Sapphire Textiles, Pakistan. Nabeel Abdullah is the founder of Sapphire. It is among the expensive brands of Pakistan. Around 21 stores are located in different cities of the country. Sapphire deals in Daily wear, party wear, formal wear, silk tunics, scarves, and unstitched fabric. It has a wide range of Men’s wear, footwear, accessories, fragrances, and lingerie’s.



Products start at PKR 3,000 and go up to PKR 35,000.

8: MARIA B.:

Maria B. was founded by Maria Butt in her early teenage. Maria Butt is among the most famous Pakistani designers and well known around the world due to her magnificent designer outfits.



Maria B. deals on lawn, unstitched, ready to wear, embroidered, printed fabric, linen, and cotton. The price tags for the middle-class community is quite reasonable too.


Bonanza is also another Pakistani brand which is serving its customers with amazing collections and designer outfits. It was established in 1976 and till bonanza is continuing its legacy of elegant fabric and trendsetting design in Pakistan’s fashion industry.



Bonanza started its women clothing specifically by the name of Satrangi. Bonanza deals in Men’s Formal Clothing, Knits, and Ethnic Wear; and Satrangi – Women’s Prêt, Unstitched, and Accessories.


Limelight is another well-reformed clothing brand in Pakistan for 2020 that targeted low budget customers and has huge sales every year. For day-to-day wear, their outfits are compelling and are popular among people who can’t afford expensive clothes.Here are the recent more collections of Limelight Eid Dresses 2020.



Their business model is completely different than other Pakistani clothing brands. The specialty of Limelight is in digital printing and eastern unstitched and stitched clothes. This was all about Top Ten Clothing Brands in Pakistan 2020.

Also Check: Kurta Designs For Men and Women

Kurta Designs for Men and Women

Kurta Designs for Men and Women

Today we will talk about Kurta Designs for Men and Women. Kurta is type kameez or shirt mostly worn by Pakistanis and Indians, these are equally liked by both men and women. There is a slightly difference between kurta and kameez. Kameez is a very simple and unornamented plain dress to wear but kurta on the other hand looks way more stylish and dandy with all those embroidery designs and patches. Many types and catagories of kurta designs are available in market for men and women. In South Asian region, people have various choices for Kurtas. Ladies usually likes coller kurta designs and some of them goes according to fashion or trend.

Kurta Designs for men:

In recent years, kurta became a trend for Pakistani and Indian guys. It is worn with pajama or trouser to give a perfect dashing look. Now here we are going to suggest some kurta designs for men, every other day new fashion trends evolves in fashion industry. Some renowned fashion brand owners, reinvent same old fashion trends that were famous in late 60’s 70’s. These trends come and go but Kurta Pajama is a very old trend of sub-continent, irrespective for being too old trend it is still liked and followed by everyone.

Kurta Designs for Men and Women

The amazing variety of new designs gives an elegant look to both genders, it looks quite unique and remarkable. There are different types of kurtas available in markets offered by some big brands and local brands like Embroided Kurta, Cotton Kurta, Silk Kurta and many more varieties are available in markets.

Mostly embroided kurtas are used for wedding and generally silk one’s are worn at cultural events and occasions.

Kurta Designs for Girls:

Girls has keen interest in fashion and styling, mostly girls keep them up to date with new fashion. So, get ready girls we are here to discuss about latest trend and traditional kurta designs for girls to wear in year 2020. It gives a quite traditional and ethnic look while wearing a kurta pajama with dupatta.

Kurta Designs for Girls

Also Pakistani girls like to wear hand embroided kurta with a new design imprinted over it. It depends on the taste some likes to wear light colors like white, skin, pink and some girls like to wear bright vivid colors so it all depend on the taste and mood of a person. Indian Kurtis gives adorable look young girls.

New Kurta Design:

In this modern day world, daily new fashion starts running in the bazaars and markets by fashion brands of new kurta design. But some fashions are for a long time and some fashions are seasonal. Many fashions come and end every day but kurta with shalwar is a very old trend in our country but still, everyone likes it so much and follows this. Here the latest and traditional kurta design of 2020.

New Kurta Design

New Kurta Design

The amazing and self factory variety of designs that gives new look to both gents and ladies. Embroider kurta, cotton kurta, silk kurta and many other qualities are also here. The various qualities of kurta’s design embellish person’s personality. As we know, dressing is the most important and progressive part of the human’s personality. Embroided kurta design generally used for weddings.